Our Girls

Our Girls
I love that they have each other

Saturday, August 30, 2008

First week and stuff

I have a couple minutes before I head off to the Temple to do my Bridal Attending . . .YAY!! I thought I would give a quick update on things.

My computer . . . well, Nate got it up and running long enough to do a complete backup so all my pictures and everything important is now saved. That made me fell A MILLION times better! And I was all excited that he got my computer working. Well, as soon as he finished backing up everything, it died again. It's not even two years old!! But eveyrone says, avoid Dell computers! maybe I'll actually listen this time!

Makayla finished her first week of school with flying colors! At her school they have a Red, Yellow & Green . . . uh . . . honor roll of sorts. Everyday, each student starts out with a Green slip - meaning they are good. Makayla has gotten 5 this week! Yay! But, lets be honest, she does have the Swint gene in her (and the Wright and the Taylor, and the Marley!) so with those powers combined, she's a bit of a chatterbox, and on Wednesday, she did get moved from a Green to a Yellow, cuz she was talking over the teacher. Can you believe it!?! ;-) Those were the only tears shed this week at school, she didn't even cry when I dropped her off her first, second or any other day. She is loving school. On Friday morning we got a moment of "I don't want to go to school," through her tired voice, but Nathan told her the magic of Fridays . . . and that there is no more school for Saturday and Sunday. That, plus her favorite outfit, made her just as excited as her first day. Poor kid, the next LIFETIME of school is going to be long! :-)

We are having her birthday party (and mine . . . sorta) on Monday! 3:00. You're all welcome! It'll be here at my house, and it's supposed to be a beautiful day. Not too hot! YAY! I'm so ready for not soo hot. I will officially be moving in to my 30's age group (after all, 30 is just the finalization of your 20's, but 31 . . . that's into it!). Makayla's official birthday isn't until September 7th, but Labor Day is always a good day to do a party, besides, Gramma Peg works Tuesday thru Saturday @ the temple, so it's pretty much our only option to at least have all the Gparents there.

Okay, i gotta run now and get ready. I have 1 minute before I told myself time was up, and I had to get in the shower! Ugh! Mornings! I'm sure I'll write more later!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Computers . . . GGRRRAAAHHH!

So I know I started this to write about Makayla and her adventures at school; however, this is also for me to write and vent when i need to. And I NEED to right now.

Computers = pain in the butt = frustration. I got to work this morning, and I use my personal computer at work with my own email address (shannon@metromamma.com) and then I have a work computer that I use for all other stuff. That way Carie (my boss) and I can go over stuff at home if needed. (it's fun! I LOVE my job!) Anyway, computer turned on, was going through all my emails from Vendors, customers and Carie, and all the sudden, my computer went *byoiiooooop* and turned off. Now, it won't turn on. I am hoping and praying that the hard drive is fine, that just my DUMB COMPUTER went "i'm tired, and done . . . goodbye!" I have all my life on there! All my pictures from the past 2 years. I will FREAK OUT! if it's all gone.

With all that said, you are all now going to have to wait for me to get it fixed, or at least get my pictures off it to be able to post any pictures again, which is what I was going to do today. Slide show of Mak's first few days at school. Which she is loving by the way! But I'll do that in another blog, a happier blog. :-)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Giving it a try!

Okay, now Makayla is in Kindergarten, and people always want pictures of her (cuz she's stinkin cute!!) so I decided to try this blogspot thing. Don't know how I'll do, but I'll try. This is all for now, as I'm just getting set up. If it all works and it's the way I want, I'll post more! :-)