Our Girls

Our Girls
I love that they have each other

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

All About Chyler

So, I would be considered the worst when it comes to keeping people informed on my life. Hey, I warned you all in the beginning, so I don't want to hear any complaints! ;-) Just kidding, I love you all for caring and checking up on my blog even when I do slack of for a couple months.
Well, in these last couple months I did have my beautiful new daughter Chyler. She is amazing. We are so glad that she is in our family and Makayla is most excited to have a sibling, but most especially that she is a sister!!
Would you like some of Chy's stats, since we just went to the Doctor today for her 2 month (yes it's late) checkup? Well here they are whether you want them or not:
Head size: 37 cm - 5th %
Weight: 9 lbs 14 oz (skinny butt!) 5th %
Length: 23 & 1/2 inches - 75%
So the basic rundown, she is a tall skinny butt!! I love it! She got 2 shots and one oral vaccination today and so far so good (it's only been 3 hours, but here's to hoping it continues this way) I really hate vaccinations. I know they are necessary and they have helped the US become healthier overall, but I still hate giving my baby shots.
Chyler is such a blessing in our lives and we are so grateful for her. I am grateful also that Makayla is 6 years older because she has proved to be a huge help (sometimes a little too much help). It's also nice that Makayla goes to school all day because it gives me quality time to bond with Chyler.
Here are some pictures from the last couple months:
Nathan is such a sucker for his little girls. He loves them soo much and has a hard time saying no to things they want. He is such a good daddy and I am grateful for his support.
Makayla really loves her and just wants to be close to her all the time. I love this picture because both of their faces are turned towards each other. I LOVE HAVING GIRLS!!
You can't quite tell by looking at this picture, but Chyler had fallen asleep and I put her in her little papasan, well, she has scooted down and her legs were up in the air and she had covered her face with her blanket, it was hysterical. Maybe you had to be here, or maybe you should just trust me.
She's just cute here sleeping on my boppy, which I think is only good for this!
Here is me and my beautiful daughters! they are the joy in my life and I can't imagine not having them. They make me smile when days are rough and they make me love when I feel like I want to explode. Even when Chyler screams all day and Makayla whines, I LOVE THEM!! Thank you thank you for sending me these beautiful girls to teach, love & care for!!!
This is probably the best smile ever!! She has such a cute smile and when you can get them they melt your heart. We love her and are hoping we can be the great parents that both she and Makayla deserve.