Our Girls

Our Girls
I love that they have each other

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


It's almost Christmas and this year I got all my Christmas shopping done in November. First time ever. Now that it is the 22nd of December, I know why I never get my shopping done that early, because the whole month, I have continued to find things that I want to get my children, husband and friends! It's dangerous. Where I did so good financially with Christmas presents and budgeting, it got a little thrown out the window!! Doh!!! Oh well, tis the season right?

Friday, December 4, 2009

Heads up

I have just posted 3 new posts, so read them all. I will be doing another 2 after I upload my pictures from my camera, but lets be honest, probably won't be for a week or two. :-)

We've lost our minds!

So my mom's dog had puppies, and even though we don't like her dogs, the puppies were just too cute to pass up. We got Bindi. She is the runt of the litter and the cutest & sweetest by far! She was born 3 weeks after Chyler (Aug 29th) and even though I didn't really want to deal with 2 babies, Makayla really wanted her so we made a deal with her and if she kept her bed made everyday for 2 months she got Bindi as a surprise. She was very excited and really does love her puppy. Yes, we named her Bindi after Bindi the Jungle girl (Steve Irwin's daughter). We really liked her name and thought it sounded better as a puppy name than a little girl name. Well here she is. She is now 3 months old and we really are happy that we have her.

He claims he was suckered into getting the dog, but the truth is, he loves her. He hates most other dogs, but Bindi is so easy to love and a really good dog. She is already potty trained and obeys really well for the most part. She is still a puppy, but is pretty good for a puppy.

Road trip 10/09

So we went on a 10 day road trip. We went from Las Vegas to Boulder CO where we stayed with Aunt Allison for 4 days. We had so much fun there. After that we went over to Steamboat Springs, where we may be moving to next summer. Nothings for sure yet, but we wanted to check it out. From there we headed to Bountiful, UT, my old stomping grounds. We got to see family and friends there. Then moved on Orem where we stayed with the Wrights (and I got sick), then we headed home, but went back to St. George the next week and stayed with Gma and Gpa Taylor for 4 days. The pictures are not in order but here they are:Grandma Marley. We had lunch with her, Grandpa, Ricky and Aunt Deena. It's always good to see them.
Ellee & Abbey Johnson and Makayla at the Conference center in SLC. It was soo good to see Brent and his kids. I miss them so much and wish they hadn't moved up to Utah, but I get why they did. His girls have gotten so big and I can see so much of Aimee in them it makes me smile and cry all at the same time.
I think this picture was taken in Bountiful, but honestly, I don't remember. This is the problem with not doing these when they happen. :-)
Makayla and Lucy - Gramma Barb and Grandpa Mike's doggy. They were posing for a picture and right before the picture was taken lucy jumped up and kissed Mak on the cheek. It was so cute!
We went to the Denver Zoo while we were there. Makayla had a blast with all the animals. She's a pretty good poser! Here is the Elephant with the "huge nose." lol
Aunt Allison, Makayla and the Elephants.
Mak posing with the Giraffe's. She really liked seeing them, they were so tall.
Here we are at Nate's FAVORITE restaurant Rock Bottom. They let kids make their own pizza's there. It's pretty funny because Makayla wanted sausage on her pizza, but when it came back all cooked, she picked all the sausage off. LOL
Daddy and sleeping Chyler at Aunt Allison's house. She has such a cute house. We had a lot of fun and it was A LOT of driving! I can say that was my first real road trip. When your dad is a pilot, you don't drive anywhere, you fly. We even flew to Ogden from Bountiful one day just for breakfast. So this was a new experience for me, a good one, but new. On the way from Las Vegas to Boulder (a 12 hour drive) we left at 9 at night and got to Boulder at 8 in the morning. Nate didn't get tired until we were 45 minutes from Boulder. He's a rock star!!

Chyler's Blessing

So I am really REALLY behind . . . again. But here are the pictures from Chyler's Blessing day. It was on September 6th and she looked beautiful! Nathan gave her a beautiful blessing and I am eternally grateful that he holds and honors his priesthood so that he can do this for our children.
This is Great-Grandpa Taylor with 3 of the 4 Taylor babies born within a year of each other.
Grandma Barb. We love her!! My girls love her and I am soooo glad that she was able to come over for the blessing. We always love it when she comes to visit.
Aunt Cole is so pretty!! She finally gave Makayla a girl cousin. Ryiah Bell was born March 25th. We are hoping that she and Chyler will be BFF's. :-)
Aunt Allison!! She was here for 2 weeks!! She looks so beautiful and she wore green on the blessing day for me cuz it's my favorite color! I love you Allison!!!
My BEAUTIFUL angels!!! I seriously couldn't ask for 2 better babies. I'm soo glad that I have 2 daughters and that they have each other. I'm also so grateful for the Gospel in our lives and knowing that these girls will be my daughters for eternity!