Our Girls

Our Girls
I love that they have each other

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter 2011

These are two of the worlds most beautiful girls!!! I love them so much and they love me. There is nothing in the world that is better than the love of your beautiful, amazing, wonderful children!
All the pictures came in backwards and it's too hard to rearrange them . I'm still trying to figure this whole thing out. Here is Easter at Grandma Pam's with the cousins. Uncle Nick helping the girls find Easter Eggs

He's just as much a kid as they are. All the kids love their Uncle Nick! He's so much fun!

Chyler was so cute finding all her Easter Eggs.

The kids were tired of pictures and just wanted to go outside and find their eggs.

The Three Taylor girls. Man are they beautiful!

Easter Morning at home. Don't really have much to say about it, so mostly you just get to enjoy the pictures. YAY! Daddy and Chyler after opening Easter Baskets

Makayla playing with her FAVORITE gift. She absolutely loves her "Punzel" doll as she keeps calling it. I have braided her hair over and over. She caries that doll around everywhere.

Makayla spotted an Easter Egg.

Chyler was so cute finding her eggs. She got a little bored after finding 6 of them.

Cute girls finding Easter eggs Easter morning. The Easter Bunny hid them in the back yard this year. Was a beautiful morning!

I am so grateful this Easter to remember my Savior and all that he did for me. His Atoning sacrafice, followed by his crucifiction then crowned by his resurrection from the dead made it possible for me to be with my beautiful family forever. I am grateful to know that Christmas and Easter have real meaning. I'm grateful for my membership in His true church and for my testimony, and to know that we are lead today by a Prophet and Apostles just like when Christ was on this Earth. I love my family, and I love my Savior.

10 YEARS!!!!

On April 20th 2001 Nathan and I got married in the Las Vegas Temple for Time and for all Eternity. YAY. On April 20th 2011, we celebratred our 10th Anniversary. YAY! So I thought for our 10th Anniversary, it would be fun to get our wedding cake (cuz we really didn't get to eat the original, it was enjoyed by our families the next day without us. Thanks!) So I got a hold of the place that made our original wedding cake and they said, "No Problem!! We make a 10th Anniversary cake to look just like your original wedding cake." YAYAYAYAYAY!! I was so excited!! That was my big surprise for Nathan. I loved my original wedding cake. It was a square, with a hexagon on top of that, then a circle on top of that. The icing was Ivory (or cream colored) and it had silver fondant stars with little silver candy balls all over it. The center was a bavarian cream/whipcream filling with fresh strawberries. Yummy! Simple, but perfect! I loved it! So the thought of getting to have it again made me soooo excited!!
So, April 20th rolls around and I go to pick up the cake, soooo excited!! They bring me out a white iced cake, with icing swirls and brown dots on it. Pretty, but NOT MY CAKE! So they go back and try to fix it. EPIC FAIL! Apparently the lady that I spoke to did not write down the instructions so they just made whatever they wanted. Below is the result.

Needless to say, after they tried to fix it I was so upset I just took the cake, got in the car and cried. Well, I took it home and thought, at least we can still enjoy it. We cut into it to find not JUST fresh strawberries, but also Kiwi, Mandarine Oranges, and Raspberries. I know some of you are thinking yummy . . . us, not so much. So I called and got a little upset at them. The lady I originally spoke to answered the phone, apologized over and over herself and promised me the correct cake the next day.

Here is a MUCH better representation of what my original cake looked like.

This is still not 100% correct, the balls were totally wrong, but it was so much closer that I was satisfied. Plus the filling in the middle was correct so things were much happier.
On our wedding day, my mother (thankfully now I realize) threatened Nathans life if he were to even attempt to smash the cake into my face. He gladly abliged and on my wedding day I stayed pretty. :-) Well, 10 years of marriage later, I was ready to smash the cake into his face. Hee hee hee

You can trust me, I swear. Look how sweet and innocent I am. Tee hee hee

Oh, sweetly feeding the cake. What got missed was the MASH!!! (our photographers did not get the smash) That's right, I smashed it into his face, fortunately for him, he had taken a big enough bite that his mash was litte and not too bad, mine on the other hand . . .

It kinda went everywhere. Buttercream icing doesn't like to come off very well, it's BUTTER. The cake was yummy, the mash was fun and here we are, 10 years later still laughing and having a good time! I love you Nathan and I'm grateful that yo uhave found it in your heart to put up with me and all my crazy for the last 10 years. Hopefully you'll keep it up!