Our Girls

Our Girls
I love that they have each other

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

8 years, 9 days, & 25 weeks!!

So today, April 29 my hubby and I have been married for 8 years and 9 days. It's been a rollercoaster ride (what marriage isn't?) but it's been good. For our 8th anniversary, we went to Disney Land (kinda easy to do when you have a best friend who lives in LA and annual passes). It was good times!
I didn't do many rides, okay all I did was the Jungle Cruise, which I have come to LOVE being pregnant. Makayla's favorite ride is Soaring over California in California Adventure. She is sooo cute! I wish I had gone on it with them. Nate and Garrettson took Mak on it, and at the end you fly over Disney Land, they said Makayla squealed and cheered and clapped causing everyone in the room to bust out laughing! They said it was so cute! Oh, David and Garrettson met us down there with Chase (Hayden was left at Noni's and it was Tommy's Dad's weekend).

Makayla and Chase had sooo much fun!! We took them over to Tom Sawyers Island, which is incredibly fun! Not if you don't like stairs, but it ireally is cool! You could spend several hours over there with little kids. I don't remember ever really going over there, but let me tell you , it is worth going just for the bathrooms! Okay, the bathrooms aren't that cool, but the hand dryers in there are! I'm not kidding they are not regular hand dryers, they are like something that you put your hands in and it blows the water off your hands like a car wash dryer. It's freaking cool! I made Nate, David and Garrettson all go in there just to experience it. Gosh, the things that amuse pregnant women! LOL

As for the 25 weeks, I am officially 25 weeks pregnant today! YAY!!!! I'm getting bigger and bigger (as you can tell in the above picture) and she is moving more and more all the time. I love it!! This is what makes pregnancy fun! I'm slowly hitting the point where I have the mild freak out about the baby coming out one way or the other, but i'll get over it soon! :-) I can't wait to meet this little girl, and Makayla keeps getting more excited! She will come give me hugs and then give a seperate hug to my belly and give kisses, on my belly button, to her "sissy." I can't wait to see them together!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


So I realized that I have forgotten to post about what I am having. That's what I get for being pregnant and having no brains left. We are going to have another little girl!!! I am sooo excited, Makayla is sooooo excited and Nathan . . . well, he's fine. :-) He would have really liked to have a son (what dad wouldn't) so he is already planning for the next one. It's really because Makayla already has him wrapped around her little fingers and I think he is nervous to allow another little angel to do the same thing. Don't let him fool you, this little girl is going to melt his heart as much as Makayla!
Our baby is due August 12, and I swear that can't come soon enough! I am loving feeling her kicking and punching around in my belly! It's probably the best feeling in the whole world! I have mostly forgotten how great it feels. I know that in a couple months I'll probably be back on complaining about how much she is beating me up, but for now I'm going to enjoy every minute of it.
We do have a name picked out, but I am not telling you at this time. :-) Cuz I don't have too! Just know that we fought over names for a few weeks after finding out she was a girl and when we found this one, it just fits. It's not a common name at all, in fact only 11 babies were given this name last year, and 24 the year before. Some people seem to really like it others really hate it. Guess what, I don't really care, because it's our baby, not yours!!
I will try to be better at updating everyone better now that I am feeling better. We love you all and are grateful for your friendship!! Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Impromptu Family Trip

On March 18, my brother David had a trip to California, which he decided to take his family with him. Hey, work pays for a hotel for 4 days - all you have to do is pay for DisneyLand Tickets and food? Sounds good to me!!
Well, Nathan, Makayla and I have annual passes to Disney Land so we decided to head down that weekend and join David and Garrettson's family. Jordan also decided to join us.

We thought since we were going to be there, we would see who else we could talk into going. We tried and tried to talk Dan & Danielle into it, but they had made plans with friends to go camping. I ask you, which is more fun, DisneyLand with the Family or camping with friends - my opinion is there's no question - anyway, they couldn't come. So we moved onto mom and dad. They jumped on it.
On Saturday March 21, we all met in Anaheim. Had a nice day out and got to see Cindee! YAY! Love seeing Cindee! and on Sunday, we headed of Disney Land. Now I have a theory, the sun is ALWAYS shining at Disney Land - ALWAYS! So when we woke up to rain, I still had faith.

Even after my parents got to DL and said it was pouring rain, I wasn't there yet, so the SUN IS ALWAYS SHINING AT DISNEY LAND!! Do you see my faith? Well, we finally get there, and guess what, the rain stopped and the sun came out!! YAY!! We had a great day of fun and family!

Now, being pregnant, DisneyLand isn't quite as fun, however, I did get to experience rides I have NEVER been on before - like Peter Pan, Snow White & Casey Jr's Train. The only other ride I did, was It's a Small World, which I've been on before, but they did just redo it. Was a fun day to be sure!! My dad, Nathan, Jordan, David and Thomas all took off to do the Big Kid rides, while the mothers stayed with the little kids and kept them entertained. One of the best parts of the day was when we all enjoyed lunch at the Blue Bayou. It was so nice and all the kids did really good.
And here I am waiting while the kids and Garrettson and Grandma were on Dumbo. I can't even do that ride when I'm not pregnant.
I wish Dan, Danielle, Jason and Stephanie could have been there too. Oh well, was a good time while it lasted! I love my family and had a blast spending time with them.